Jacqueline de Lange is an abstract expressionistic artist, living and working in Victoria BC, on the traditional territories of the Lkwungen (Lekwungen) peoples.

Jacqueline has always had a passion for helping people and found the working of the human brain fascination.  She decided to go on to study Speech Pathology.  She completed her degree in 2004 at the University of Stellenbosch.

Jacqueline worked in this field, with various populations for over a 16 years, but had the need to express herself creatively. 

From childhood she has spent all her free time creating art and participating in art  and creative workshops. 

Since starting a family she realized that she wanted to pursue art as a career and decided to take the plunge and hasn’t looked back since.

Her art is intuitive, a free expression of raw emotion, and her South African roots play a big part as inspiration when creating pieces.